GSOC 2014 KDECONNECT-iOS Here I am !

Nowadays, more and more devices and equipments around us are becoming intelligent and therefore much more data is  accessible and could be collected. The trend of building the Internet of Things and data-mining shows people a blueprint for the future: instead of collecting information by people, intelligent objects can collect data from other objects, analyse and communicate with each other directly, which can simplify people’s daily tasks, bring us more convenience and make our lives more delightful and colorful.

KDE connect for android is now available on Google Play store. From the reviews and the comments on the blog of the author Mr.Albert Vaca (GSOC 2013), I can easily get to know the great user experience taken to android users, the increasing need and the room for improvement. As a KDE and iOS user, after trying it out, the idea of kdeconnect is so fascinating and it is strongly driving me to bring the delight for iOS users.

Thanks to KDE connect for android. Android and KDE users are now able to get all the device notifications from their KDE notification center, find out their battery report in the battery center, synchronise the clipboard between their devices and PC, use their device to do MPRIS controls, share files and even browse their device through Dolphin. It allows our device to find our computer automatically, which are on the same network.

Recent years, smart-phones and tablets are becoming more and more popular, and among them, operating system android, iOS and windows phone have taken the biggest portion. In order to let more users to take advantage of KDE connect, we are obligated to develop the project not only on android, but also on other platform such as iOS.

Here’s my original idea of this project. In the coming blog, I’ll keep updating my progress. If you want to join me, join us, join the test, share your ideas or give us your advice, feel free and have no hesitation to contact us  🙂 .


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