New Plugins for kdeconnect

Now, more plugins have been implemented:

1. Battery report: Report the battery level and display it in the desktop battery notification.

2.Mousepad: A touch pad which allows us to move the cursor, left/right/middle/double left clicks , scroll .

It doesn’t have virtual buttons. Just like a touchpad with some “OSX style” gestures. Use one finger long press to open right click menu, use two fingers to scroll. More gestures are expected to implement.

3.Calendar:  It will not synchronize your whole calendar events. Instead, it will synchronize events that will happen in 24h for our daily work. Once connected with your device, calendar events will be synchronized and you can check it out with “kontact”.

Here is a demo.


As we can see, the event created on iOS has been added to kontact. The red line points out the current time.



On iOS, we can see that we have got the event created by kontact, including an event which overlap the current timeline. While the event “Passed ” which has ended before the current time has not been sent to desktop.

There is still a lot of cleanup works (ex: build a real iCal parser for iOS. What I’m using is an ugly function just in order to build a prototype quickly). Any way I’m glad to see it works XD.

In the following days, I’ll try to implement the plugins which would synchronize out contacts , notes, to-do lists .. etc.


13 thoughts on “New Plugins for kdeconnect

  1. Wonderful programme – thank you. Would it be possible to allow connection to any available file system in Dolphin e.g. root, sdcard0, sdcard1?


    1. I guess you want the device have access to all your pc directories? That sounds cool! While it’s not yet on the program. I’ll think through it.


      1. For android, it has been implemented by sftp. But I didn’t managed to make the same plugin on iOS. If we don’t jailbreak the device, we couldn’t have access to any directory except for the photo dir. We can open it over dolphin with an USB connection as well. iOS has a lot of restriction to ensure their safety and stability.


  2. I really like KDEConnect at home, but I cannot use it at work, because there are different networks for computers and smartphones. Are there any plans to support bluetooth?


    1. For the moment, it only offers a wifi connection. While personally , I would like to see it having a BT connection, for we can get much more informations from iOS devices with a BT connection and it costs less energy. After discussing with my mentors, I’m afraid I don’t have enough time to implement it during GSOC. But after that, I will be motivated to work on it!


  3. I regularly build kdeconnect, but the file system browser never works.
    I have sshfs installed.
    Are there any bug reports about this? Should I report it?


    1. In fact I know little about it and I’m having the same problem. You can try to contact the author Albert Vaka. I’ll also talk about it with him but I don’t have android device at the moment for testing and I’m probably not going to implement it for iOS devices in the near future 😦 .


  4. How does this interact with calendars that are already synced? I have my calendars on Google and thus already on my phone and desktop… Will this simply introduce an extra copy for the next 24 hour?


    1. That’s very important! I didn’t test it yet. Theoretically, it won’t be a problem as evry event has an UID. But I didn’t know how google does it. I’ll look into it and keep you update in the next blog.


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